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US healthcare system a haven for many, but sick Americans are often jilted

Jim Crow Lives: Minority voting rights under threat from state ID laws, attorney general warns

This pampered private school elite can only lead to US decline | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

An unexpected consequence of the trends highlighted in the last post.

Sociologist urges a wider view of the welfare state | Society | The Guardian

This is interesting and a worrying trend. Slowly society is being privatized, as the 1% withdraw from shared services or the civic - private schools, transportation, health, roads, communities, gyms etc. etc. they see less need to contribute to it and see no need for welfare.

What kind of school authority allows these hate peddlers? Average homosexual life span is 42! WTF! If it’s anywhere near that it’s because of the stress of  growing up in an intolerant world having to listen to this crap.



MUST WATCH: Iowa Homophobic & Anti-Choice Assembly Caught on Tape


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Ugandan gays are in the same position German Jews were in the 1930's

Super PAC ads give wealthy loud voice in campaigns

POZ - POZ Exclusives : Detroit Man Alleges HIV Discrimination By Lysol-Spraying Dental Clinic Coworkers

This is so 1980’s. 

Americans face Guantánamo detention after Obama backdown | World news | The Guardian

Well it’s obvious why this makes me angry but really what is he talking about? There’s nothing gayer than Christmas after all.

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